Waste Management

Waste Management

Government and industry recognize that to achieve sustainable economic development, we need to dramatically improve the efficient use of our natural resources. The need to meet statutory targets for waste reduction, recycling and recovery further strengthens the case for closing the loop on resource use.

The benefits of efficient waste and resource management for an organization include minimizing environmental impacts; enhancing reputation; complying with regulatory controls; rebates on any climate change agreements; savings from emissions reduction trading; improving resource usage forecasting; and savings on raw material and utility bills. Sustainable waste management is increasingly important for businesses in all sectors, as a result of increasing regulatory drivers, recycling targets, rising disposal cost, and stakeholder and corporate responsibility pressures.

Markus Synergy Limited services organizations to meet the challenges of eliminating or reducing waste at source, re-using waste, increasing recovery and recycling rates, and reduction of hazardous content in waste. In addition, the implementation of these initiatives assists organizations to meet domestic and international regulatory requirements for safe and legal disposals.

Our range of services includes:

  • Development of waste management strategies;
  • Waste management solutions: Feasibility appraisals and analysis of waste minimization, collection, treatment and waste disposal solutions.
  • Waste master planning: Scheme master planning for waste treatment and waste disposal facilities.
  • Planning and permitting: Waste facility planning, environmental impact assessment and permitting.
  • Procurement: Development of waste service procurement strategy and waste contract bid support.
  • Energy: Advice on energy recovery and the link to energy and heat policies.
  • Project design: Waste treatment process design and layout
  • Project management
  • Training: Waste facility operational commissioning and training