Oil Spill

Oil Spill Response Strategy:

Most oil spills commonly occurred by the mistakes of men through careless handling of vessels and equipment; while some oil spills have been accidental occurrences. Oil spills are by far the world’s most disastrous marine pollution. Oil spills can wipe off different types of marine life including fishes, plants, algae and many other organisms within few hours. Even giant marine organisms like whales get killed in the event of an oil spill because the oil can damage their respiratory systems and cell tissues.

However, the biggest threats in oil spills are illegal dumpers. Also, natural disasters, even though it’s rare, can cause oil spills and the good example is hurricanes. Hurricanes can literally flip oil tankers, resulting in serious oil spill. This incident shows the seriousness of an oil spill and the amount of money used in cleaning up the area.

As part of our drive to reinforce process safety imperatives right across the company,
Markus Synergy Limited are investing even more heavily in safe drilling processes and technologies. Our new global team overseeing drilling and wells activities has worked closely with the safety and operational risk function to review our client’s drilling standards and how they are applied, and together driven forward our change agenda in this area.