Management Systems

Environmental Management Systems

The demand of environmental regulation requires an Environmental Management System (EMS). This demonstrates management of the environment sensitively and also clarifies the relationship with an organization’s environmental regulators. This enables the development and strict regulatory compliance and a close collaboration with the regulatory authorities to develop mitigation strategies.

The drive towards environmental compliance from both regulatory authorities and customers makes Markus Synergy Limited your preferred choice for services. At Markus Synergy Limited, we develop Environmental Management Systems that comply with these requirements.

Our Environmental Management Systems package is designed to understand the client’s objectives; review existing policies and procedures and provide advice on ways to improve and develop them.


Our Environmental Management Systems implementation process includes:

  • Consultation with clients regarding environmental objectives.
  • Writing and agreeing on an Environmental Policy.
  • Agreement to client’s targets and objectives.
  • Assessment of client’s Aspects and Impacts.
  • Documentation of client’s Aspects and Impacts.
  • Agreement of roles and responsibilities.
  • Identification of all legal and other considerations.
  • Provision of a documented system to address all EMS headings.
  • Conduct of environmental training to include the provision of training records.
  • Setting up an internal auditing system.
  • Ensuring all external environmental reporting requirements is met.
  • Liaising with regulatory bodies.
  • Liaising with third party environmental consultants.