Compliance and Permitting

Environmental compliance is no longer just an issue for a small number of large industrial and waste operations. Permits to operate under regimes such as Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC), to discharge consent, Climate Change Agreement (CCA) and the European Union Emissions Trading System (EUETS), planning conditions and nuisance controls on noise and odor; means that no company can afford to actively put their company on environmental risk.

Markus Synergy Limited finds solutions to environmental compliance tasks, but also provides additional “value” to our clients. This added value frequently comes in the form of carbon offsets for renewable energy; wastewater discharge cost reductions, or reduced energy demand. This is all consistent with our firm-wide sustainability philosophy.

Markus Synergy Limited assists hundreds of active industrial and municipal clients through the complex and evolving regulatory arena. Services range from air, water, and waste permitting and on-site compliance support to litigation assistance and comprehensive environmental design. Our design and construction projects range from small RCRA storage areas to wastewater close-looped systems to multi-million dollar, state-of-art waste treatment facilities. This proactive approach with our clients and regulators has helped us to emerge as experts in the arena of Environmental Compliance and Permitting.